1 Nov 2007

This Is The Truth


(In no particular order)

1. Cigarettes are bad for you.

2. Men and Women are equal.

3. Global Warming is real, and (by the way) it’s all our fault.*

4. It’s not all relative.

5. Gin is better than Whiskey. Whiskey is better than Gin.

6. Intelligent Design is wrong.

7. Overconsumption is a serious problem.

8. The Millennium Development Goals are worthy*.

9. Wilco is good, sometimes exceptional, but often inconsequential.
(I don't understand this one...)

10. Shit happens (ditto for sex and death).

11. Creationism is silly. (also, see 6)

12. SUVs are just stupid.

13. The truth is worth more than an iPod*.

14. On the whole, disorder increases.

15. Science, for better or for worse, is all around.

- - -
If you agree with the above statements, please link to this page: http://www.scq.ubc.ca/?p=677 by tagging the word “truth” (yes, just like that),and spread the word.

This is a Google bomb from The Science Creative Quarterly.

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