2 Sep 2007

Journalology blog statistics

An average of 25 people a day have viewed this blog since I started posting back in January, from all over the world. As well as Western Europe, the US, Canada and Japan, there are readers in Argentina, India, China, Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia, to name but a few countries.

It seems that you're reading Journalology as part of your dedicated "social notworking": page views plummet by 40% at the weekends, and it appears that Wednesdays are the most boring work days, as daily readership tips 30 on average on those days.

The most read posts have been Tools to search the literature, Peer review lite at PLoS ONE? (my ever first post), My favourite Firefox add-ons (by virtue of it appearing second in a Google search for "favourite Firefox add-ons") and Mashups, mining, mirrors and open access. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that one of my posts is among the top 10 Google results for the phrase "Political correctness gone mad". The most viewed tag has been Impact Factor, another indication of the unfortunate domination of this metric.

Thanks for reading!

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