2 Sep 2007

PRISM are scum

The Partnership for Research Integrity in Science & Medicine (PRISM) are scum.

Their arguments against open access are stupid, tired and old, and have been dealt with before.

Rather than dealing with this tripe all over again, instead here are some links to the explosion of reaction on the blogosphere.

The Partnership for Integrity in Science Dissemination (PISD) are also in on the act, arguing that if open access were to come to fruition "civilization would suddenly collapse. Cities would rust, industries would implode, dinosaurs would once again rule the Earth".
A Blog Around the Clock has the definitive run-down on the reactions.
Of course, Peter Suber!
Bryan Vickery has posted BioMed Central's response.
The Scientific Activist: Now that is one ugly PRISM.
Peter Murray-Rust: Analysis and letters to OUP and CUP.
Bill Hooker has a lot to say.
Jonathan Eisen calls for a boycott of the AAP.
open... Through a PRISM darkly.
The Daily Transcript.
Boing Boing points out PRISM's copyright infringement.
putting down a marker.
Caveat Lector pulls no punches!
Confessions of a Science Librarian: "a sad, pathetic story".
Living the Scientific Life.
Open Access Stole Christmas.
Adventures in Science and Ethics.
Heather Morrison.
Women's Bioethics Project.
Wired: Astroturf spreads to science journals.
PRISM bullshit and hypocrisy.
Stevan Harnad.

And finally... separated at birth?

Eric Dezenhall, anti-OA lobbier.


Comparison and images taken from the post Evil is his one and only name on Science After Sunclipse.

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